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The picture above is from a recent gun show.  It shows all of the presently available colors.
From clockwise right is White, Unfinished, Rich Mahogany, Walnut, and Golden Oak
 I use only 12 ply Baltic Birch for the wood.  It is extremely stable, and will never develop
problems due to changes in temperature or humidity.  The hardware is the finest available,
and guaranteed for a lifetime.  Below are the 4 finished shelves in the open position,
so you can get a better idea of the colors. From the top left clockwise is
Unfinished, Rich Mahogany, Golden Oak & Walnut.

Below is an example of the only other shelf that I make, custom order only. It is made only to
fit the Mossberg or Remington shock wave,  though it might suffice for other applications.  it
has clearance for up to a 27" gun, with a total width of 1 3/4".  I make them about 4 times
a year, and I will finish them in any Minwax or Woodmaster stain color to match the decor
of your home.  The prices start at 150.00 for an unfinished one, and could go as
high as 225.00, depending on the finish.  Contact me through this
website for further information.  

The finishes I apply use gel stains, with a minimum of 5 coats of sprayed
semi gloss cabinet lacquer.  The final coats are rubbed and polished giving
the shelf a true, hi-quality furniture finish.  The next  pages show the
installations by actual customers.
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